Yesterday, as a good friend of mine was embarking on wearing her brand new SOAR tank to a crossfit workout, she asked me,

“What is SOAR? Like if someone asked me what it was, is it like your business??”

To which I only had one response… “Good Question!”

SOAR is so many things, and means so many things to my heart, but ultimately SOAR is a concept, based from the verse in Luke 16 where Jesus says “he who is faithful in little will be faithful in much!”. It’s inviting Jesus to take over every nook and cranny of our lives. It’s asking Him to teach us to be faithful in the little things, so that when big things come along our first reaction will be “Yes Lord! I will do that”. When we ask God to see opportunity and then we obediently respond we will start to soar in life. Have you ever seen a bird soar? There is something mesmerizing in it. You want that feeling of freedom? You want people to look upon your life and see something mesmerizing? You want your life to be visibly displaying the things of God? Then you need to learn to see opportunity AND respond!

My hope is that people (like you) will take this simple concept to heart. That by giving you a word – SOAR – you would be able to call to mind the responsibility we have to See Opportunity And Respond. That we would stop dilly dallying around and start to live intentionally. That our faith in Christ would move beyond a simple confession, into a faith that is transformational!┬áThat right now (yes even as you are reading this) you would ask God to start to teach you to be faithful in the little things. It’s simple, yet profoundly transformational. It’s not mind-shattering new knowledge… it’s not difficult when you are able to boil it down to obedience in little things… some may even say it’s a piece of cake.

For me it was a piece of trash.

The first time I asked God to help me be faithful in the little things I felt this overwhelming nudge to pick up the piece of trash I saw and throw it away. And with obedience to that one simple nudge I started to feel Him more and more. From what to eat, to which Starbucks to study at, to which friend I would text that day… I invited Him to teach me, to nudge me, as I stepped out in response. We serve a big God capable of big things! But He has got to teach you to be faithful in little “unrighteous” nudges such as picking up trash, before He is going to trust you with the bigger nudges in life! So right now, take a moment to ask Him to see an opportunity… and when you feel that nudge (no matter how silly it seems) REPOND.

SOAR Intentionally today my friend.