Do you ever find yourself wandering through different dreams or thoughts? This happens to me a lot. I love day dreaming. Sometimes it’s contemplating my future, sometimes it’s the visions of “what if”, sometimes it’s just thinking about silly things… Well scrolling through Facebook and Twitter this morning I found out very quickly that someone had apparently won a huge lotto (like 200 million or something crazy like that). Immediately I got caught up in dreaming about what I would do if I had millions or billions of dollars… who could I affect? what lives could be changed??… then I started imagining what possibilities would exist if there were more than 24 hours in a day… Unlimited resources. Unlimited time. So many dreams were forming!

What would you do?? I am sure you can day-dream about a couple of things that you would do if you had 200 million dollars…

Take a moment to think about it while I rabbit trail for a second (I promise I will come back to tell you my dreams, but this is background to why my dreams are the way they are): This morning I was reading both in Ephesians chapter 5 and Galatians chapter 5. For those of you who may not be familiar, those are both books in the Bible; they are letters written to some of the earliest Christ-following churches ever founded. In these Chapters the people are being instructed and encouraged to walk in love, walk in the Spirit, walk in a way worthy of the faith they profess. As I read about the freedom found in Christ I was encouraged by the verse that said, “You have been called to freedom! Only do not use your freedom to satisfy yourself, but through love to serve one another!”

Okay! Back to my dreamings: My heart was going crazy! I wish I could express in words just how excited I was in my head thinking of all the crazy possibilities if I had 200 million dollars and the rest of a lifetime, but you’ll just have to bear with the exclamation points and italics, imagining the enthusiasm in my voice. FIRST I would get a Bible for everyone who wanted one. Not just any Bible, but a leather-bound, name-on-the-front, personalized and fancy Bible for whoever desired! One they could be proud to carry and would want to take care of. There is such power in the word of God! Reading the Bible is the single most thing that has changed my life and my heart. It is said that the Bible is living and active, and I have personally watched as it has transformed lives (mine included)! So I would get one to anyone who wanted!!

I would buy a house, a big house, with lots of room for lots of people! Right now, in my dreams, it would be across the street from Clovis East so that students could come over any time! Sounds silly, but it would be amazing! Before school, lunch breaks, after school. Open house. Stocked with food. With a sweet theater room! And a pool!! And a giant trampoline (preferably by the deep end)!!! Okay, if it really is unlimited resources, let’s just go “Richie Rich” status on the house! I totally just dated myself by referencing that movie… high schoolers: watch the movie if you haven’t! Anyways, a place where they could come and go, and know, and experience the love of Christ. I imagined myself living in that house. I imagined the games played, the food eaten, the conversations had… There is nothing more powerful than doing life together. How great would it be to have a place to do life with people!?

I would fly all the time (like airplane fly, as opposed to bird flying, though that would be sweet too I guess)! I love travel and I love people! I would travel to places and to people that have never heard of Jesus, or the hope He brings, and tell them! I imagined being in those airports and on those planes. I imagined what each land would look like. I imagined the languages I would hear! I would experience their cultures. Share life with them. Learn from them. Love them!

But in all this day dreaming, I was brought back to the reality of what is, and I was hit with the reality that I do not have unlimited resources, and I certainly do not have unlimited time. Sweetly and quietly I heard whispered to me, “But I do”… As if to make sure I was not discouraged, God conveyed that He does have unlimited resources, and He is certainly not constrained by time. AND His love for Christ and His love for people far outweighs mine. He has given me exactly what I need to be faithful with at this moment.

But How can I move through the dreams that excite my heart, like the ones stated above, with the resources I have right now? Well, I can buy one Bible, maybe two. I can take kids to lunch or to coffee, sharing conversations and sharing life. Though it’s not countries around the world at this point, I can talk with people here, in my neighborhood and in my city, who don’t know the love of Christ. And as I move through those, faithful with what Christ has provided in this moment, maybe someday the bigger visions will unfold.

I want to ask you again, what would YOU do? What were the things you imagined when you thought of having 200 million dollars? Are the first things that come to mind things to satisfy yourself? Or are they things that will serve others? Would you walk in a manner that gratifies yourself or would you walk in a manner worthy of the faith you profess? The beauty of walking in the Spirit, and the beauty of faith in Christ, is the transforming of your heart and the renewing of your thoughts that takes place. Your passions become His passions. His dreams become your dreams. And He desires to change the world! My dreams haven’t always been these. Christ has changed so much in my heart, and He continues to work on me every single day. But I love that every day He draws me a little closer to Himself, and teaches me a little more about His heart and His passions. If you don’t know Jesus, oh I pray that someday you would! And if you do know Him, I pray that you would envision what you would do for the kingdom of Christ with unlimited resources and unlimited time, then start doing it! With whatever resources you do have. We serve a big God, who is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or could even IMAGINE! So start imagining!