In my last post I promised a fall training update and so here is me, staying true to my word! 🙂

The first few weeks of fall training has been amazing! A hiccup here and a bump in the road there, but overall I actually (secretly) love this phase. I love being able to feel the soreness deep within my muscles, and I can picture the little microfibers building themselves back up stronger and faster than they were before. Okay I know, totally nerd status, but it’s true! September was filled with hill sprints, stair runs, cross-fit style lifting, 200’s, and much more! I am building a base of strength both in my muscles and tendons, but also in my cardio-vascular endurance. The heart pumping is not so much my favorite, and if it was I would probably be specializing in a much different event such as the 800, but I do know that it’s a crucial foundation to build so my other training can stand firm throughout season.

Whether you have ever been an athlete or not, I am sure you have experienced things or been required to perform certain tasks that are not something you particularly enjoy, in order to accomplish some greater passion or work. What I have come to learn is that if you are laboring towards a goal that you are super passionate about, the steps that are difficult along the way become something much less daunting than they would be on their own. Sometimes they actually become enjoyable. If you had asked me 5 years ago whether or not I loved running repeat 200’s or 150m hill sprints, I would have said absolutely not! But something has shifted in the past couple years. I have goals and dreams that will be better accomplished if I complete difficult workouts such as those, and in turn those workouts have become less burdensome and more gratifying seeing that they are bringing me one step closer to my dreams.

My dreams are to compete well, to make national championships, to make 2016 Olympic trials, to one day be an Olympian. But greater than any of those dreams is the dream to bring the hope of Christ to lives that do not know Him. The greater dream is to see lives changed when hope is brought in. And if pole vault is the platform that God has provided for that, then let’s do it! Let’s run those 200’s. Let’s sprint until we puke! Because I can see a life in the future that is going to be changed.

What are you passionate about in your life? What dream do you want to accomplish? What are the tasks along the way that make you hesitate, that you really would rather not perform? Keep the end goal in mind. Keep your dream at the forefront of your thoughts. And the painful or difficult responsibilities along the way will become less laborious, and in fact will probably be the very thing you look forward too.