You, a student amidst a thousand other students, matter.

You, a guy making coffee for hundreds of unknown faces everyday, matter.

You, a mom with three kids covered in spaghetti sauce, matter.

You, a man applying for every job available, matter.

You, a government employee making decisions for the masses while holding to your own convictions, matter.

You, a teacher with 37 little faces staring back at you each day, matter.

You, a preacher who works 60-hour weeks, matter.

You, a man on a street corner ignored by the majority, matter.

You, a woman with little or no hope of conceiving a child, matter.

You, a hollywood superstar with a million twitter followers, matter.

You, a nurse who spends 12 hours a day caring for patients, matter.

You, whoever you are, matter.

There are days when I question whether I matter; whether my presence here in this world is noticed, is making a difference, or has any value. It seems so silly when we say it out loud, so we don’t, but truth of the matter is we don’t think we matter.

It comes down to a question of value.

And here’s the truth. You matter because you have value. You have value because you have been created in the image of God, and because He knit every fiber of your being together in your mothers womb. Your intrinsic value comes from Him. And you know what He says of you?? You are fearfully and wonderfully made. And you know what He says of every other person in the world, the ones you love, and even the ones you can’t stand?? They are fearfully and wonderfully made. Not one of us came from nothing; we all came from something and for something.

You may feel alone at this very moment. And because of that you may question your value in this life. Know that God allows for loneliness so that we anchor ourselves in Him. But God doesn’t stop there. God then gives us community to deepen the hold of that anchor. Friend, if you are wondering if you have value, let your anchor sink deep into Him. And know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, YOU MATTER.