Sunrise Wide

Each of us wants to see the world change for the better, but it will not happen through sheer will power. Why? Because (lasting) change comes from the strength of surrender; from the bold leadership of meekness; from a life that believes in absolute truth demonstrated through self-denying grace. These dynamics aren’t natural and can never coexist for long through self will. They are too opposite for us to live out simultaneously. Look at your own life and let me know how you’re doing with it. It’s impossible for me.

Well then you ask, HOW will the world ever be changed? HOW will we walk this necessary line of surrender and strength? How do we consistently respond in a manner that is both meek and bold? How can we simultaneously stand with liberal grace and incontrovertible truth?

Well if the answer isn’t one that comes naturally, then naturally we need to look at the supernatural.

Over and over again Christ calls us to lay down our lives, to abide in Him, to rely fully on Him*. Why do we get up and read God’s Word? Why do we pray? Because the life we are called to requires it – not for salvation – because of salvation. You want to see restoration come to the world? You want to see a new dawn arise in the hearts of men? The answer is Jesus. Not Jesus as a good example to follow. But Jesus as God. Jesus as your only hope.

The problem with self-will is that it starts with self. And in that moment pride reigns. Where pride is, destruction eventually follows. Pride at its core will always choose self-preservation.

Christ laid down His life for you. YOU. By the power of the Holy Spirit. If Christ relied on the Spirit, how much more should we? We cannot hope to change the world (yet alone our own lives) without it; without Him.

When you’re tired of the world as it is, and you’re tired of your own efforts to change your actions, then maybe you’ll see that it’s been true this whole time. Jesus is God. And the world will only be changed as we lay down our spirit and are filled with His. Praying for you in this moment my friend. Trust in Christ and let your heart be changed!



*John 14:1-6, Luke 9:23-27, John 15:1-10, John 15:5